UAVX – Counter Drone / UAV / UAS Radar Detection and Video Tracking System

UAVX helps commercial facilities and large-scale venues actively
monitor and secure their premises, protecting them from unwelcome
drones and UAVs.  The UAVX precisely detects, tracks and classifies small drones, such as the DJI Phantom, using  SpotterRF’s compact surveillance radar (CSR), artificial intelligence, and long-range video tracking.

UAVX offers comprehensive protection from terrorists, vandals and disruptors.

Counter UAVX System on Mountain

Counter UAVX System on Mountain

Key Features

  • Permanent or Temporary Installation
  • SpotterRF Radar
  • Day&Thermal Cameras
  • Automatic Target Classification (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Optional RF Jammer
  • 350 Meter Quadcopter Detection Range
  • Up to 750 Meter Optical Video Tracking Range
  • 1/6 the price of competitive Radar Counter UAV systems

See a full system at work!

Range Diagram

SpotterRF A2000 Radarc550web

Model: A2000
Field of view: 45 degrees
Range: 1,000 meters for a DJI quadcopter
Weight: 5 lbs
Size: 9.8″ x 15″ x 2.6″
Power: <30 watts

Request for Spotter Datasheet

  • How do you wish to use the product (i.e. Substation)
  • Time until installation is needed
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AI Neural Net for Target Classification

The AI is taught to recognize the differences in the radar data between different types of targets such as birds and drones so that the operator is only alerted to targets of interest


AI Engine UI

AI Engine Features

  • Permanent Data Storage
  • Neural Network AI
  • Custom AI Classes
  • Positive/Negative AI Training
  • Automatic Target Classification
  • Realtime Mapping
  • Post Hoc Forensic Analysis
  • Multiple Sensor Support
  • Custom Rules and Geofencing

Spotter tracking Quadcopter in Stadium

Slew to Cue of Camera to Target

Pan/Tilt with Spotlight

  • Pan Angle Range Continuous
  • Tilt Range 180°
  • Pan Speed 120°/sec
  • Tilt Speed 120°/sec
  • Resolution 0.01°
  • Weight 21.2lbs
  • Housing Cast Aluminum
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 70C

Video Tracking

Long range video tracking algorithms process live video from a daylight camera, lowlight camera or thermal camera mounted on a pan-tilt mount to precisely track moving objects over time and across varying backdrops. Objects are cued by geo-referenced radar detections or by manual joystick control, allowing operators to quickly identify object type, payload and threat level.

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