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  • Popular Science Best of What’s New
    • “If you ever end up in a ‘Most Dangerous Game’-type situation, the radar backpack kit would be a worthy investment.” –        Popular Science, popsci.com, May 21, 2012
    • “The portable radar arrays used by the military are heavy and cumbersome to set up. The SpotterRF M600C fits into a backpack and weighs just four pounds. It’s also easy to use: Soldiers can assemble the system and learn the interface in less than an hour. A single unit can scan a 90-degree-wide ellipse up to 3,280 feet and track up to 20 bodies across 150 acres; two units scan 180 degrees.” –        Popular Science, Best of What’s New 2012
  • Wired Magazine
    • The M600 made by SpotterRF is a compact radar system useful for tracking humans and vehicles on small firebases or in perimeter security. The five-pound system can detect humans walkers out to 1,000 meters [0.62 miles] and vehicles up to 1,500 meters, and plot their positions on Google Earth. – Adam Rawnsley and Noah Shachtman
  • Gizmodo
    • The great outdoors can provide a relaxing reprieve from city life, but not if you spend all your time worrying about bears invading your camp. So even though it’s designed for military use, this radar-in-a-backpack kit should provide ample peace of mind when roughing it.
  • Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet (forward video to 43 seconds)

“. . . A breakthrough in the field of surveillance radar technology. . . Innovations like this one reflect how technology can be used to make the ground safer for elite fighters.” –        SmartPlanet, May 21, 2012

Security Industry Experts

      • Last year, SpotterRF drew attention releasing a low cost, ground-based radar unit for intrusion detection. This year, the company is ramping up their portfolio and introducing a unit with wider coverage range, and a new integration server to simplify IP camera integrators.

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  • Security Management
    • “Multiple radars that could be strategically placed around the critical infrastructure was the best application of the radar technology, [rather than] having one maritime radar to sweep the entire area; then there would be lots of blind spots because of the bridge structure and the bridge piers.” – Neil Chung
    • “To cover a 90-degree field of view, it takes 20 cameras. But the radar has a very wide field of view. One C40 radar can cover 20 acres of space, so that’s a large volume, and then couple that with one infrared camera, you’re essentially doing the job of 20 infrared cameras.” – Logan Harris
  • Defense Electronics Magazine
    • “‘Radar made smaller’ isn’t a slogan for SpotterRF, although it certainly could be. This innovative company has developed a number of compact radar systems that can literally be hauled around in a backpack—then set up in minutes to establish a surveillance barrier around any desired perimeter.” – Jack Browne
  • SourceSecurity.com
    • “Systems available under the Shield Initiative are pre-integrated, pre-assembled, pre-tested and ready to ship within a few weeks. . . Making these systems accessible to a wide range of users enables sensor station installation to be done in hours instead of days required by other alternatives.” –        SourceSecurity.com, Sept. 25, 2013
  • Ginger Hill, Security Today
    • “Spotter RF’s C550 radar brings radar to security managers that are integrated with video management solutions, allowing the use of one interface. This makes installation easy and offers turn-key, off-the-shelf, wide area coverage, thereby bringing security to consumers via a waterproof, IP-67 rated network box.” (Sept. 25, 2013)
  •  Daiki Yamaguchi, Vice President, NASAM Defense Programs
    • “The Japanese Defense Foundation members who witnessed the SpotterRF’s demonstration were so impressed at SpotterRF’s capability with low cost solutions. They agreed that SpotterRF plays an important role in protection and security for important facilities in the both commercial and military sectors.”
  • Ed Knoch, Director of Security Operations Centers, NMS Security
    • “Seeing beyond the fence line during all types of weather is a top priority for our clients. Oil field theft is a big problem and the SpotterRF compact radar automatically detects threats out to 1000 meters, covering up to 150 acres, never gets tired and sees through fog, snow and rain.  Combining this with the NetworkedIO automatic slewing of cameras eases the workload of security personnel and gives workers peace of mind and reduces risk.”


  • “We are pleased with the performance of the SpotterRF system in this brazen thwarted theft,” stated Steve Silva, security manager for a major electrical utility. “We proactively seek to secure the power system by utilizing the best technology. The SpotterRF mobile system is the Special Forces of commercial security. With its quick setup and teardown features, we use these security systems to cover far more sites for less money.”


  • Exxon Mobil  Aug 12, 2014: Ground surveillance radar has never been used for bear detection and tracking in the Arctic, where fog, bad weather and winter darkness can undermine conventional monitoring techniques.  That’s a serious problem, especially in July through September, when polar bears tend to be more active in the region.  Exxon Mobil acquired the monitoring system from SpotterRF, a Utah-based technology company that specializes in small, low-power radar systems. The company installed the bear security system in May and has been working with NANA Management Services to fine-tune the network.  To get a better idea of what a polar or grizzly bear would look like on the radar screen, company scientists secured permission to test their equipment on the bears at the Alaska Zoo.  Exxon’s detection project drew praise from Polar Bears International.  “If successful, this technology could be deployed elsewhere in the Arctic where camps or communities have concerns about human bear safety — like Churchill Manitoba or Arviat in Nunavut,” said Geoff York, senior director of conservation for Polar Bears International, in an email.  “Ultimately it may guide solutions to human wildlife conflict hot spots across species and around the world and may have application in protecting critically endangered species from illegal poaching through detection of poachers in remote landscapes,” York said.  Exxon Mobil’s animal detection pilot program is being proven and refined on the Alaska tundra at the company’s Point Thomson natural gas drilling site. The facility, which is currently under construction, is located 60 miles west of Prudhoe Bay, just outside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Bob J. from Leidos 5/29/2014  I know customers/visitors always want to correspond the track picture with vessels they can see, so a near range capability is very important for demonstrating system performance.  Based on our experience, SpotterRF position reports demonstrated outstanding accuracy and target resolution, as well as exceptional ease of setup and operator control.”
  • Neil Chung, Leidos (formerly SAIC)
    • “MDTA is planning ahead to reduce homeland security threats. SpotterRF compact radar makes our smart cameras even smarter and our surveillance even more active at a price point within reach of limited state budgets.”
  • Arizona State Senator Bob Worsley
    • “This system costs less than building one mile of freeway or one overpass on a freeway and provides advanced security to Arizona citizens we are responsible to protect. Each registered citizen will have Internet cloud access to the output from this system for the highest level of transparency possible.”
  • Tony Ruiz, City of San Diego Security Administrator
    • “The results are very encouraging. The cameras and compact radar extends our view to 1000 meters and effectively covers a wide area of precision object tracking with minimal security personnel and thus, a remarkably low cost per acre. This gives us peace of mind that we are doing everything possible to protect not only our critical facilities, but the citizens of San Diego.”
  • Linkedin Conversations
  • Ashley Campbell, CEO, Sensei Solutions
    •    “Radar and sensor fusion is a game changer for perimeter security. With increasing intruder threat levels for critical infrastructure such as airports and electric substations, this new approach reduces costs and public risk associated with these environments. SpotterRF is a perfect fit because of its low cost, accuracy and reliability.”
  • Sgt. 1st Class Paul Diamond, Instructor, Low Level Voice Intercept, Camp Williams, UT
    • “Nimble small group forces securing a position must first eliminate threats, then, set up a defensible perimeter. Troop position may change overnight or in an hour. Since we can make SpotterRF radar operational from pack to track in just a few minutes, we minimize the time our troops are at greatest risk. This ultimately saves lives.”
  • William Strecker, Executive Vice President of Architecture & Engineering and CTO at IQT
    • “SpotterRF provides a unique radar motion detection ability in a small, cost effective package that will be of great benefit to the government, military, and industrial security markets.  IQT’s strategic investment in SpotterRF reflects the opportunities we see for this ready-soon innovation to make a difference in both the government and commercial sectors. We were particularly impressed to see the company integrate its product with Google Earth (formerly IQT portfolio company Keyhole) for real-time display of radar targets.”
  • Franco DeAngelis, CTO, BCF Solutions, DoD, Security and Surveillance, Mid Atlantic
    • The Spotter radars have helped us protect large areas with a relatively low cost and footprint.

Additional Testimonials

  • Kyle Holman, ASC
      • “Video security surveillance for oil wells and other remote sites is an explosive cost center for the oil & gas industry. Theft and terrorist threats increase the need for vigilance. The introduction of compact radar shows great potential associated with legacy video systems and the mountain of associated data that must be transmitted and analyzed. SpotterRF C20 will lower the cost and decrease response time for real threats.”
    • Brad Dangerfield, Industrial Camera Systems
      • “SpotterRF radar greatly enhances the range and intelligence of the best camera and analytics available. It’s easy to show clients the value of adding this low-cost radar capability to new or existing systems.”
    • Tom LeBlanc, Commercial Integrator
  • “The radar-based system is surprisingly easy to oversee and execute. . . Through a web portal, I easily created trigger areas (see shaded areas in circle below) and received alerts as people walked into the zone.” (Sept. 23, 2013)
    • 2012 ASIS Accolades Award
      • “The C40 is the first of its class and makes radar as inexpensive and easy to use as IP cameras.”
    • FoxNews.com
  • “In effect, this system improves situational awareness and force protection for small-unit operations without adding significant training or weight to the dismounted soldier. . . Giving elite forces working in the most remote locations perimeter security and the ability to detect and follow hostile movements with a miniaturized radar small enough and lightweight enough to be thrown in a backpack can only be a good thing.” (May 24, 2012)
  • Brock Josephson, Team Lead, DoD Stiletto Maritime Demonstration Program    
    • “The M600C was very effective at detecting all vessels coming in and out of the harbor. The system even detected and tracked a drifting jet ski.”
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