Fish Farms


As demand for fish and fish protein grows across the world, fish farming is gaining popularity as a way to meet the global demand. Many fish farms are located in areas which make them vulnerable to threats like theft, vandalism, and eco-terrorism. This is especially true of mariculture fish farming where fish are farmed in the open ocean. These threats often result in missing or damaged crop which can cost tens of thousands of dollars from a single incident. Nightly guards can often be expensive and ineffective at best, and malicious at worst. Fish farms need advanced warning and an alert to wake guards up when a boat or other threat is approaching. And they need to be able to monitor multiple sites at once to reduce costs.


Radar-based detection is ideally suited to protect fish farms. Radar detects threats approaching from long distances and covers wide areas with minimal installation costs. Radar is not affected by weather conditions such as fog, rain, and wind. When combined with PTZ cameras, it provides ideal detection and tracking over a large area from a single mounting point. For mariculture fish farms, radars and cameras can either be mounted on land or on the floating control houses that are common with this type of farm. This reduces overall system costs while maximizing protection of the fish farm.

The SpotterRF radar system automatically detects threats, cues PTZ cameras to the real-time location of the threat, and provides alarms to security personnel. This allows for multiple sites to be managed remotely from a single location. Now security guards can sleep all night and will be automatically alerted when a threat approaches.

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