CK2 – Fence Line Perimeter Radar

The CK2 Spotter Radar is our first narrow field of view radar made for smaller, tighter spaces, and for looking straight down the fence line.  With its lower price point it is a great fit for protecting smaller sites such as substations in urban or suburban environments. The CK2’s 125 m range and 20 degree FOV works when thermal cameras do not, such as, during the heat, fog, rain or snow. Small as a paperback book the CK2 is the simplest way to protect your fence line. 


  • Looks straight down the fence line for covering narrow spaces
  • All weather penetrating 24 GHz Radar
  • Detects and pinpoints precise GPS coordinates of movers during all environmental conditions
  • small as a paperback book
  • Easy to setup with Web UI
  • No required maintenance (no need to clean lenses)
  • Lowest Cost Security Radar

Model: CK2
Field of view: 20 degrees
Range: 125 meters
Coverage: 4000 square meters
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Size: 9″ x 6.9″ x 1.7″
RF transmit Power: 100 mW (unlicensed world wide)
System Power: 5 Watts

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