SpotterCOP Multi-site Health Management

SpotterCOP from SpotterRF monitors the health of hundreds of sites and thousands of Spotter radars and cameras. It provides a system level view of the condition of the perimeter security system and a way for the quick identification and prioritization of health-related events in a web-based user interface.


  • Quickly see the well-being of the entire system in a map world view, web based user interface
  • Monitiors 100’s sites and 1000’s of radars and cameras at one time
  • Auto-classifies “Health Alerts” depending on the type of alert
  • Single click firmware upgrade of all connected site radar manager servers and radars

The Need

As large companies roll out multi-site systems of perimeter protection sensors and cameras, the task of monitoring the entire system health becomes extremely difficult to visualize and prioritize.  A significant amount of time is spent everyday by security personnel checking each device or filtering through a stream of email alerts.

SpotterCOP automates the process of monitoring, prioritizing and alerting security personnel. At a glance of the web-based user interface map, the security personnel sees the state of the system and can quickly respond to the highest priority situations.

In addition to real-time monitoring, SpotterCOP automates the task  of updating the firmware for hundreds of sites and thousands of radar sensors, which can take days if done manually. Instead, SpotterCOP upgrades the firmware of all the radar site management servers and Spotter radars with the click of a button.

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