SpotterRF Radars

SpotterRF provides the smallest, lightest, lowest power consumption, and simplest radar available for wide area tracking and detection of persons or vehicles in day/night and adverse weather conditions.

NetworkedIO Servers

NetworkedIO is the glue that connects SpotterRF radars to other devices like Video Management Systems (VMS), cameras, email, and alarms. NetworkedIO uses advanced software to cue cameras to targets detected by radars.

SpotterRF Shield

Under the Spotter Shield initiative, SpotterRF is promoting, with its resellers, turnkey auto-cueing security systems that include Compact Surveillance Radar. Systems available under the Shield Initiative are pre-integrated, pre-assembled, pre-tested.

SpotterCOP Health Monitor

SpotterCOP from SpotterRF monitors the health of hundreds of sites and thousands of Spotter radars and cameras. View an entire system at a glance on map and prioritize of health-related events in a web-based user interface.

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