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The cost of keeping one guard on-site 24/7 for one year!

Perimeter fence security is important no matter what you’re protecting. Why hire a guard for surveillance when radar works longer, harder, smarter, and cheaper?

See the difference SpotterRF technology makes in protecting your perimeter below:

See SpotterRF systems in action and contact us to learn how you can have remote radar work for you.

Decrease your security personnel

To have a guard on-site round the clock requires five security guards. To have two guards requires 10.

Make each security cam 20x more effective

SpotterRF radars cue cameras to hone in on potential threats allowing one PTZ camera and one SpotterRF radar to cover up to 20x more area.

Get early warning of threats

Security personnel are automatically notified when threats are detected in user-defined zones.

Radar won't fall asleep on the job

SpotterRF offers true, 24/7, nap-free, break-free, and distraction-free threat detection—it’s surveillance that doesn’t blink.

Our Commercial Lineup


4-acre coverage

With a 120-degree field of view, three C20s can offer full-perimeter detection. The C20 easily monitors more than 16,000 square meters.


20-acre coverage

The C40 packs a powerful punch. At 1.5 pounds, the C40 covers an area of 40,000 square meters and can detect targets 350 meters away.


140-acre coverage

With a range of more than 850 meters, the C550 provides more than 550,000 square meters of coverage.


233-acre coverage

Our most powerful commercial radar is the C950. With a whopping 942,000 square meter coverage, the C950 detects walkers 1,200 meters away.


NetworkedIO Server

With slew-to-cue technology, the CC8B (and other NetworkedIO devices) directs the PTZ cameras to hone in on threats detected by SpotterRF radars.

SpotterRF Shield

360-degree perimeter security

The Spotter Shield integrates radars, servers, and cameras to create a powerful security system that provides 360-degree surveillance.

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