7 of the Top 10 Utilities use SpotterRF radars

SpotterRF is the de facto standard for U.S. Electrical Utilities to detect and track threats beyond the fence line around substations ansubstation solar beam 20140401d power plants.  7 of the Top 10 Utilities now use SpotterRF radar.  In response to CIP 14 regulations and in conjunction with low light and Thermal cameras, SpotterRF provides the best technological solution available at an extremely competitive price.  This application remains the focus of SpotterRF and is the driving force behind the SpotterCOP and our new product development.
SpotterRF radically reduces the risk of repeat attacks experienced by the electricity industry.  SpotterRF Compact Radar systems ensure that security personnel have 100% coverage in all weather conditions, both day and night.  This small radar packs up to 300 acres of radar tracking power into a 4lb device to detect ground or aerial threats beyond the fence line and alert security before an attack ever happens. With advanced proprietary NetworkedIO management, SpotterRF coordinates visual, thermal, and motion detection to provide the most thorough, never-blind, surveillance available.
Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) is a revolutionary advancement in surveillance radar for industrial security. CSR is radar small enough to hold in your hand that was designed for elite forces and is now available to electrical utility security professionals.  With CSR you are able to cover 20 times the area at the same cost as thermal cameras running video analytics with a fraction of the false alarms.  The layout below contrast the difference between the two technologies.Camera coverage versus Spotter Radar

Now with the SS-MOBILE-REMOTE kit you can secure a medium sized substation in a day.  See a short introduction of what CSR is and its ability to detect and track targets inside and outside the fence line.

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Installation examples

Utilities in the US and across the world are using CSR from SpotterRF. Here are a few pictures of installations:

Mobile Tower System with SS-MOBILE-REMOTE
Mobile Tower System with SS-MOBILE-REMOTE

But don’t just take our word for it: see what others have to say about SpotterRF. Here are some searches you can do to see what other people have done and said about the CSR from SpotterRF.

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We also have information on deployments and test reports that we can not share publicly. If you are ready to see more, arrange an appointment with one of our Field Application Engineers.


  • SpotterRF radar greatly enhances the range and intelligence of the best camera and analytics available. It’s easy to show clients the value of adding this low-cost radar capability to new or existing systems.

    Brad Dangerfield
    Brad DangerfieldIndustrial Camera Systems
  • Video security surveillance for oil wells and other remote sites is an explosive cost center for the oil & gas industry. Theft and terrorist threats increase the need for vigilance. The introduction of compact radar shows great potential associated with legacy video systems and the mountain of associated data that must be transmitted and analyzed. SpotterRF C20 will lower the cost and decrease response time for real threats.

    Kyle Holman
    Kyle HolmanAmerican Security Consulting
  • The Japanese Defense Foundation members who witnessed the SpotterRF’s demonstration were so impressed at SpotterRF’s capability with low cost solutions. They agreed that SpotterRF plays an important role in protection and security for important facilities in the both commercial and military sectors.

    Daiki Yamaguchi, Vice President
    Daiki Yamaguchi, Vice PresidentNASAM
  • Multiple radars that could be strategically placed around the critical infrastructure was the best application of the radar technology, [rather than] having one maritime radar to sweep the entire area; then there would be lots of blind spots because of the bridge structure and the bridge piers.

    Neil Chung
    Neil ChungLeidos
  • The radar-based system is surprisingly easy to oversee and execute. . . Through a web portal, I easily created trigger areas (see shaded areas in circle below) and received alerts as people walked into the zone.

    Tom LeBlanc
    Tom LeBlancCommercial Integrator
  • If you ever end up in a ‘Most Dangerous Game’-type situation, the radar backpack kit would be a worthy investment.

    Popular Science
  • The great outdoors can provide a relaxing reprieve from city life, but not if you spend all your time worrying about bears invading your camp. So even though it's designed for military use, this radar-in-a-backpack kit should provide ample peace of mind when roughing it.

    Andrew Liszewski
    Andrew LiszewskiGizmodo
  • This system costs less than building one mile of freeway or one overpass on a freeway and provides advanced security to Arizona citizens we are responsible to protect. Each registered citizen will have Internet cloud access to the output from this system for the highest level of transparency possible.

    Bob Worsley
    Bob WorsleyArizona State Senator
  • I know customers/visitors always want to correspond the track picture with vessels they can see, so a near range capability is very important for demonstrating system performance. Based on our experience, SpotterRF position reports demonstrated outstanding accuracy and target resolution, as well as exceptional ease of setup and operator control.

    Bob J.
    Bob J.Leidos
  • Seeing beyond the fence line during all types of weather is a top priority for our clients. Oil field theft is a big problem and the SpotterRF compact radar automatically detects threats out to 1000 meters, covering up to 150 acres, never gets tired and sees through fog, snow and rain. Combining this with the NetworkedIO automatic slewing of cameras eases the workload of security personnel and gives workers peace of mind and reduces risk.

    Ed Knoch, Director of Security Operations Centers
    Ed Knoch, Director of Security Operations CentersNMS Security

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