First Non-ITAR Radar Force Protection Kit with Slew-to-Cue

Robotic Detection, Classification, Communication, and Response

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  • Detect

    SpotterRF Radar detects movement within your perimeter.

  • Classify

    NetworkedIO uses advanced filtering to screen out false alarms and determine if the target is a threat.

  • Communicate

    NetworkedIO interfaces with other systems to communicate key information.

  • Respond

    With the right information in the right hands, security can respond to threats before they become threats.

SS Mobile is a powerful robotic perimeter security system using lightweight SpotterRF Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) and slew-to-cue camera technology that provides the U.S. military a non-ITAR-restricted system usable by allies after completion of a U.S. deployment. This low-cost, portable radar system maximizes small force protection by allowing soldiers to detect, classify, communicate and respond to perimeter threats as never before.

“Response has been very positive to our turn-key solutions with camera cueing to reduce overall system cost while maintaining a secure perimeter, day or night and through all types of weather,” states SpotterRF CEO Logan Harris. “This new Spotter Shield Mobile kit combines the power of compact radar with slew-to-cue in a backpackable, lightweight kit that is easy for local forces to use and maintain.”

Key Benefits

  • Auto slew-to-cue of low light camera
  • Lowest cost 360 degree radar force protection system
  • Easy to transfer to local forces (EAR99, not ITAR restricted)
  • COTS parts with world-wide commercial support network
  • Web User Interface and only minutes to train
  • U.S. Military tested technology

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