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Instead of gigabytes of useless data, SpotterRF radar technology can provide oil and gas rig protection while cutting security costs by up to 99%. How will you use it to protect your pipeline? See the highlights.

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Reduce Storage Needs 9-to-1

Cut satellite upload costs by 99%

Free up monitoring personnel

Detect breaches minutes sooner

Our Commercial Lineup


14.6-acre coverage

With a 120-degree field of view, three C20Cs can offer full-perimeter detection. The C20C easily monitors more than 58,905 square meters.


33-acre coverage

The C40C packs a powerful punch. At 1.5 pounds, the C40C covers an area of 133,000 square meters and can detect targets 350 meters away.


124-acre coverage

With a range of  850 meters, the C550B provides more than 501,000 square meters of coverage.



Our most powerful commercial radar is the C950B. With a whopping 1.35 million square meter coverage, the C950B detects walkers 1,350 meters away.


NetworkedIO Server

With slew-to-cue technology, the HUB4 (and other NIO devices) directs the PTZ cameras to hone in on threats detected by SpotterRF radars.

SpotterRF Shield

360-degree perimeter security

The Spotter Shield integrates radars, servers, and cameras to create a powerful security system that provides 360-degree surveillance.

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