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Waterfront Security

Two rotating radars used in a typical waterfront setup is three times as much as the SpotterRF system depicted here.

In a solicitation published by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, SpotterRF has been selected for use on US reservoirs, spillways, and downstream dam approaches. Unlike other radar systems, the SpotterRF system can mount on almost any structure, and be installed in as little as one day, saving time and money and reducing the potential for user error. 

After rigorous testing and comparison against other options, the Bureau concluded: “Past radar installations have required the pouring of concrete pads, metal support structures, trenching, power, and communications to be installed for the radar to function…The SpotterRF can mount to guard rails, stair rails, concrete walls, wooden structures, etc… The SpotterRF can be installed by reclamation personnel in as little as a day.”

The selection of SpotterRF by the Bureau of Reclamation is one more validation of SpotterRF’s value when compared to alternative radar manufacturers. SpotterRF is the best option for protecting dams and critical infrastructure facing ever growing domestic threats.

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Dam Protection

In this waterfront setup, one radar monitors activity on the shore and lake surface while the other tracks movement on and around the water outlet. When one of the radars detects a threat in an alert zones, it cues one of the cameras which rotates to provide security personnel a visual on the target.

Better Coverage

Unlike rotating radars, SpotterRF radars can monitor multiple elevations from a single vantage point, allowing better detection angles as shown in the diagrams below. This both enables security personnel to see threats that would otherwise be invisible and decreases the likelihood of vandalism to the unit.

Rotating radars have a limited field of view
Rotating radars have a limited field of view
SpotterRF radars can be positioned at an angle, maximizing detectability of threats.
SpotterRF radars can be positioned at an angle, maximizing detectability of threats.

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