We train distributors and system integrators every month in various locations around the world.
We'll teach you how to use SpotterRF equipment and how to best integrate it as part of a security solution for your customers.

Why We Train

SpotterRF radars protect critical infrastructure, substations, dams, bridges, military complexes, etc from perimeter intrusions coming from the ground, sea or air(drones). SpotterRF is the world leader in compact surveillance radar systems in part due to the in depth training of our equipment that we provide our partners and clients. We encourage and incentivize training. We also ensure that each system deployed is designed and commissioned by an experienced and certified individual. Training is offered each month in different worldwide locations. See the training schedule for the next available training near you. We look forward to working with you!


“This is one of the best trainings that I’ve had from vendors and suppliers from all the equipment that we’ve used. And I’ll stand on that.” – Richard (INL)

“I went into it thinking three days, and by the end I wanted to stay longer! One of the best trainings on [a] product I’ve done because of the field work side of it.” – Jim (FSI)

“Now I can sell [Spotter Radars] ten times easier, because I know the benefits and features. And I’ve seen it work in person all three days and set it up myself.”  Carl (CSI)

“The training was very informative, the last [few] days were… eye opening.”  Mike (IndustrialEnet)

Training Schedule

SpotterRF’s three-day formal training takes place each month at different locations across the globe. The schedule of these events can be found by clicking on the following “See Training Schedule” button.

See Training Schedule

Register for Training

If you found a scheduled training that you would like to attend, please use the following “Register for Training” button to sign up.

Partner Training Website

The official site for SpotterRF training courses. Gain access by registering for training.

Spotter Zone Reseller Materials

Access marketing materials, datasheets, case studies, quick start guides, release notes, engineering materials and more. Gain access by registering for training.

Spotter Zone Reseller Materials

Map Downloader

Download maps from the internet that save directly to your NIO for use anywhere.

Discover Your Journeyman Status

Once you have completed SpotterRF’s three-day training program, you achieved the rank of Journeyman in the area of Demonstrator, and given the steps on how to attain the same rank in the areas of Designer, Site Surveyor, and Commissioner. These materials are found on the Partner Training Website.

Partner Training Website

Use the Certification Progress Report form below to request your progress in these areas.

SpotterRF Cable Connection Tutorial