Radar Backpack Kit

Introducing the worlds first complete man portable radar system. This system includes everything you need to take radar to the most remote locations on planet earth and bring 150 acres of ground surveillance with you in a small three day backpack.

This kit includes:

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2 M600C Radars
The M600C is ruggedized and portable. The M600C can track and detect walkers out to 1000m and only weighs 4lbs. Completely weather sealed, the M600C is a great choice for remote missions with unpredictable conditions.
Android Tablet
Android tablets are simple to use and have great battery life. Pre programmed with our tracker display software, this unit allows you to select warning zones, track multiple (20) targets simultaneously and more.
2590 Battery
Storing more power for less weight than any other available battery, the 2590 provides enough power to run the backpack kit for 6 hours without a recharge.
HUB6A Network Hub
The HUB6A allows users to view multiple radars and their tracks on one tracker display.
Lightweight Tripod
The RBK comes complete with a place to mount your radars. This lightweight, adjustible tripod gives you a sturdy mount for your radar.
System cables
Every cable you need for your RBK is already included, and what's more they were custom built for your application so everything fits perfectly
3 Day Pack
The RBK even comes with a rucksack to carry the entire kit, which weighs less than 20 lbs total.

“This unique kit dramatically enhances situational awareness (for warfighters)”- Logan Harris