Designed and Engineered For Existing Infrastructure

Because our radars are so flexible in their ability to cover wide areas, our fixed solutions can utilize existing infrastructure (such as buildings and existing poles) to eliminate the need for trenching and new pole construction. 

Pre-Engineered Industrial Grade Hardware

Our Integrated Control Cabinets (ICCs) provide turn-key installation for SpotterRF radars, PTZ cameras, and more. They are designed and engineered to simplify the physical integration of SpotterRF solutions to save time and money on design and installation. They can easily integrate into existing security systems as well as operate as standalone systems. Our Integrated Control Cabinets are an integral part of SpotterRF’s solutions and provide physical integration of the components.

We feel so strongly about our design that every SpotterRF radar connected to a SpotterRF Integrated Control Cabinet receives an extra year of warranty at no extra charge.

Key Features
  • Local & remote power cycling
  • Surge & overvoltage protection
  • Industrial grade components
  • Accessible network-controlled relay
  • Accessible power terminals
  • 120/240VAC electrical outlet (AC version only)
  • 12+ inches of extra DIN rail space
Key Benefits
  • Save time & money on design and installation
  • Reduce maintenance and RMA
  • Power input flexibility
  • Standardize every install
  • Set up in only 5-10 minutes
  • Install almost anywhere
  • Extra year of warranty for all connected radars
SpotterRF Integrated Control Cabinet (ICC) SH-PLT-B-24DC (24VDC Input)
SpotterRF Integrated Control Cabinet (ICC) SH-PLT-B-120AC (120AC Input)
Integrated Control Cabinet (ICC) Specifications
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