M600C Wins Best of What's New 2012

Backpack and M600C

November 14, 2012 - Popular Science Magazine announced that SpotterRF won a Best Of What’s New Award in the category of security technology. This award is given to the 100 companies that exhibit truly groundbreaking technology in their field. SpotterRF was recognized for its M600C Compact Surveillance Radar.

Some things that make the M600C awesome

  • Size - the M600C is small enough that one person can carry multiple radars in a backpack
  • Weight - The M600C is 10 times lighter than its closest competitor
  • Ease of use - A soldier can learn everything they need to know about the system in under an hour
  • Speed - This system can be deployed from pack to tracking its surroundings in just five minutes
  • Coverage - Despite its small size it covers a surprising 150 acres of area, and can detect a person walking at 1km
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