About SpotterRF

SpotterRF provides perimeter protection beyond fences for our nation’s critical electrical substations with its patented Compact Surveillance Radar systems. Our company’s unique 3-band approach ensures a “never-blind” outcome for vital security environments.

In April of 2013, terrorists opened fire with AK47s on a large substation in Silicon Valley. Within five minutes, the attack took the substation offline for a month causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  Then, to make matters worse, a few months later a memo from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was leaked stating that if terrorists take out any of just nine critical substations the whole electric grid could collapse.

To prevent this devastating scenario from reaching reality, SpotterRF Compact Radar systems ensure that security personnel have 100% coverage in all weather conditions, both day and night.  This small, hand held radar packs up to 300 acres of radar tracking power into a 4lb device to detect threats beyond the fence line and alert security before an attack ever happens. With advanced proprietary NetworkedIO management, SpotterRF coordinates visual, thermal, and motion detection to provide the most thorough, never-blind, surveillance available.